The Peanut Gallery, Temple 2 - School Building
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School Address

2202 Saulsbury Dr
Temple, TX 76504


Monday - Friday
6:30am - 6:00pm


6 weeks - 2 years

Special Directions

Saulsbury Dr. is located off highway I-35

Programs Available

Infant Care, Toddler Care

The Peanut Gallery
in Temple, Texas

A lovely little town not far from the big city life of nearby Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, Temple is an excellent place to raise a family. Located along I-35 in East-Central Texas, Temple’s numerous distribution centers, as well as Scott & White Memorial Hospital, provide ample jobs, while its schools boost accolades for art and science. Temple’s tots start their learning adventures at The Peanut Gallery, the area’s premier daycare and early childhood development center.

About The Peanut Gallery

Infants’ and toddlers’ early experiences have a significant influence over cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical development. Since 82 percent of brain growth occurs by the age of 3, these experiences shape the aptitudes and attitudes children will have for the rest of their lives. At The Peanut Gallery, we optimize this crucial time by exposing our babies and tots to an array of fun, developmentally stimulating activities, from cuddling, smiling, and cooing with our infants to reading, singing, and dancing with our toddlers. We ensure they’re safe, cozy, and content in our child care all day long while parents are away at work.

Programs Offered:

Our Philosophy

We believe involving parents in the development of their children is key to their success later in school and life. For Peanut Gallery kids, the learning never stops.

What Makes Us Unique

We understand how hard it must be for parents to entrust the care of their babies to others, as well as to be away from them for a large portion of the day. That’s why we do everything possible to keep parents connected to their children while they’re at our daycare, from daily emails with photos to an open door policy that encourages parents to drop in for a smile or a snuggle from their precious little on their lunch break from work. Our little ones love this policy and often light up when they see mom or dad walking through the door!

More About Our School

The Peanut Gallery daycare is located at 2202 Saulsbury Road in Temple, Texas, 76501. You’ll find us just off of Airport Road. We proudly serve the communities of Temple and Belton.

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Temple II, TX