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My son has been going to peanut gallery for 2 years now and we love it!! Security is a major plus for me. I always receive phone calls whenever my child has had an injury or has had an accident. My son has been in 4 classrooms as he gets older and all of his teachers are great! Andrea has always greeted us and acknowledged my son and I as we walk thru the doors! Highly recommend this daycare to all of my friends and family!

Nelly Saunders 5 stars - Excellent

My kids have been going to the Peanut Gallery for 3 or 4 years now. We absolutely love it! The staff is wonderful, the management is amazing and my boys are always excited to be there. The teachers welcome them and send them home with open arms & big hugs everyday. The summer camp activities are always something they look forward to attending as well. I’m grateful to say that my children are able to enjoy this place just like I did when I was a kid!

Kelli S. 5 stars - Excellent

I absolutely love this school. The love and care that go into taking care of my children is just amazing. I could never have imagined that being a mother, I would be so comfortable with others taking care of my children. But when my little girls walk into school, the run to their teachers, and you can tell they truly love being there. I just love this place!

Holly Maxwell 5 stars - Excellent

After making the decision to return to work following 18 months at home after our daughter’s birth, I faced the dilemma of choosing the right child care for our family. When Devin was younger he attended a Montessori Academy with which I was pleased. I wanted a facility that would offer a variety of stimulating activities in a positive environment. After interviewing several schools, I chose The Peanut Gallery.

I was extremely concerned with Deborah’s ability to adjust and Devin’s daily transportation from Elementary School to The Peanut Gallery. The first week I drove to the Peanut Gallery on my lunch hour every day to check on Deborah. Of course she was soundly sleeping, and Devin came home very happy. In addition, you let Devin visit his sister in her classroom any time he missed her. This greatly relieved my anxiety about leaving my child in the care of others while I worked.

Now Deborah is very outgoing and so smart. At three years old, she can write her name, identify letters in the alphabet, spell colors, count to thirty and count in Spanish. What a turn around from the shy baby she was when she started! Devin is so happy to be with all his friends after school. Every day he comes home with funny stories or crafts he has created. I love that he has so many activity choices, and never complains that he is bored. I always tell my friend and family that I wish there was a place like The Peanut Gallery when I was growing up.

The Peanut Gallery has been the most positive experience I have had with a child care facility. I recommend them to everyone I know with children.

D. Bushland

My kids have been treated like family since Day One. The staff are very loving and caring people that have taught my daughter SOOOOO much in a very short time!! Cannot say enough for the peace of mind I have when I drop my daughter off everyday!!

Meg B.

I would have to say this is the best childcare in this area. My son just graduated in Mrs. Viki’s pre-k class and was in every department throughout the building. I am very blessed that my son was cared for by this group of people….I say people more like family! My son enjoys being there that is his second home and not one have I felt that my child was not cared for or loved like their own! If is was not for the peanut gallery being his home away from home he wouldn’t be the child he is today!! Great people great place!!

Katie P.

My Grandson went to Peanut Gallery in La Porte, TX for over a year and the people there were very loving and attentive. He is not attending right now but will return in the fall when his Mom is back in school. No daycare is perfect, just like no workplace is perfect…people are involved! In my mind running a daycare is like controlling chaos and the Peanut Gallery does a very good job of controlling the chaos, some days better than others but that is to be expected. My Children, now 20 & 24, attended the same daycare (different owner/name at the time) and the current director and many of the teachers were there then which is an example of the experience of the staff.

Ketchum & Harrison Families

My grandson has been going there for One year.most of all I love the caring staff,and convenience of location. My grandson is always happy when he arrives and when he leaves, and that is very important to us. The staff are happy and caring people to us and our child and that’s what matters.

Brenda G.

As we begin our final summer at Peanut Gallery in The Colony, I want to thank the directors and teachers for loving and caring for my daughter for the last nine years. Each of the directors and several teachers have many years at the daycare.

Over the years she has learned many things. As a toddler, she learned to share, sing, color and was potty trained. In preschool, she learned her ABC’s, sounds, numbers, some Spanish and fine motor skills. As a Kangaroo she learned to read and was above average by the time she entered Kindergarten. The graduation ceremony seems like yesterday and will always be a special memory. She has enjoyed the physical activities provided. Leighas love for dance started by taking from Ms. Cheri at age 3. She enjoyed the trike-a-thons each year. As a school-age student she enjoys the fun packed summer field trips. She has made many friends which will last a lifetime.

As a parent, the peace of mind I have knowing she is safe and having fun means the world to me. We consider the directors and teachers family and would like to thank each of them for everything you do each day for children. You are making a difference!

Leasa M.

I have had my children at The Peanut Gallery for 7 years and would not change a thing!! My two children have very different personalities and both thrived and learned so much from the Peanut Gallery. They loved going to school, were loved by all the staff, and to top it off were extremely prepared for kindergarten. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a place for their kids, they are absolutely the best and have a clean, safe, loving environment.

Katie A.

My two grand kids have both attended the Peanut Gallery. I love all the things they do for the kids and their families. We have been able to attend stone soup days, fall festivals, graduations and so much more. They really know the kids and their families and make everyone feel welcome and involved. Both my grandkids love going to the peanut gallery and I recommend them to everyone!

Barb W.

All 3 of our children have attended The Peanut Gallery and we currently still have one enrolled.

Our 1st child started day one when it was originally Beary Best Academy and was there until the age of 11/12. He had the opportunity to take swimming lessons when they were offering those and is a good swimmer now because of it. It was a nice option since these were done during the day hours and we didn’t have to worry about running him to lessons after work. While there he also started learning computers and basic Spanish, which prepared him for his classes in elementary all the way through high school. Going into Kindergarten, he and anyone who attended The Peanut Gallery were already ahead of the class because of the teachings they received there. They prepare them better than any other facility I know. We once were told they were not a “day care” but rather a teaching facility, and I believe this based on our children’s experiences. This is where he met some of his first friends; a special group in which he continues to be friends with through high school. We too have also met and established relationships with other parents whose children attended The Peanut Gallery and have become very close.

Our second child attended The Peanut Gallery until the age of 7 and had opportunities as well with computers and Spanish. She too, was better prepared than the majority of her class. Our third child was fortunate to start attending when she was 6-8 weeks old. We always wanted the school to accept new borns and on baby #3 this happened. We couldn’t have been happier. The facility is separate from the older children and is very cautious on their handlings with the babies, from sanitary to what specific needs your child has. Both facilities do a great job in making sure that your child gets the attention they need. All 3 of our children are fair skinned and require more sun screen use than normal. The staff has always been more than willing to accommodate us on this. If there is anything that needs to be resolved, they are always willing to look into the situation and do what is best for all those involved. Their concern is always for the child.

The facility has many functions throughout the year – Picture day, Halloween Carnival, Family Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Book exchange, Picnics, Field trips, visits from the fire department and Clifford and much much more.

Their staff is very caring and does a great job at teaching our children the necessary skills they will need in life.

A big THANKS to the Staff for the many years of dedication to our children and for the years still to come.

Lutz Family

My daughter, Julia, has been attending the Peanut Gallery for almost all her life. Starting with the infant room at the small school to the pre-k room at the big school, she has had wonderful teachers and staff members caring for her. The Peanut Gallery is a place where I can drop my daughter off and know that she will be cared for in a safe and clean environment that promotes learning.

Chikezie-Darron Family

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how very pleased I am with the staff at the Peanut Gallery in Temple. I didn’t just want a place to watch my daughter while I was at work, I really needed a place that cared for her like their own. These ladies have done that above and beyond what I could hope for. I don’t feel like I’m leaving her at “daycare”, I’m leaving her with friends and family who have a vested interest in her care, her education, and her growth as a person. We’ve learned more about my daughter TOGETHER over the last couple of years than I thought possible. They are part of our family now. When great things happen, we can’t wait to get to school and tell her teachers. Thank you so much for what you have done and continue to do for my daughter and our family!

Cortright Family

As a parent, I entrust my greatest blessing to the staff at The Peanut Gallery every day. We have been part of The Peanut Gallery family for almost eight years and the group of individuals working there are caring, professional and dedicated. They have done a wonderful job making The Peanut Gallery an inviting and successful child care center. As parents, we all wish that we would not need the services of a day care for our children but the reality is that many of us do and are faced with the important decision of finding a facility that will provide the love and care that they deserve, and gives us parents the peace of mind knowing that while we are away from them that they are being loved, that they are safe and secure and are learning to interact with other children. Through the years, my son Chase has been blessed with awesome teachers and I thank you so much for your responsiveness, attention to detail and support over the years. I cannot imagine how I could have coped without knowing that Chase is able to go to a safe, fun place every day. What he has learned at The Peanut Gallery, as well as the warmth and respect that he has been shown, has enabled him to be outgoing, independent and respectful of others.


I have 2 children, one of whom attended The Peanut Gallery from 7 weeks old, and the other who started attending at 3 months. The staff has been so accommodating and welcoming, and for a mother leaving her infant, this is paramount! I always felt that I could communicate my needs and wants with both the staff and director, and be taken seriously. The “team” approach of teachers and parents working together helped me feel like I wasn’t just leaving my kids at a daycare, but rather with someone who was an extension of myself and the care I give my children. I nursed both of my children, and everyone was supportive and receptive to the intricacies that entailed when my kids were in the care of others.

The Buckhalter Family

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