Infant Care

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Infant Care

Age Range:
6 weeks - 1 year
Areas of Learning:

Language and Communication

Baby Signs®

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Stimulating Your Little One’s Body, Brain, and Emotions

Physical Development: As babies learn to roll, crawl, and grab onto items, they naturally put themselves at greater risk of inciting an accident. It is a part of growing! Our safe and predictable environment, as well as our attentive and experienced staff, ensures that your infant remains safe as he or she explores the world around them.

Cognitive Growth: Research has revealed an astonishing fact: 82% percent of the brain forms during the first three years of life![1] Imagine that, and you will come to understand, like the experts at The Peanut Gallery do, that this is one of the greatest opportunities to expand and encourage cognitive growth in a person’s lifetime. We encourage exploratory games with the five senses, call-and-response activities, and using mirror neurons to accelerate the learning process.

Emotional Expansion: Emotional growth, which manifests in infants as the recognition and expression of emotions, occurs at a rapid rate in infants. Our team promotes activities that support emotion registering and expression. These skills have been linked with increased attention spans and expanded learning capabilities.

Fun Activities For Your Infant:

  • Stories and Songs: The act of reading books aloud to infants encourages preliminary literary skills, which is why our daycare experts read a variety of books to babies each day. Like reading, music helps infants to develop cognitive skills. Our professionals sing and play music on a regular basis to improve moods and support developing brains.
  • Baby Signs®: Out of all the tools we supply infants with, this is the one parents express the most excitement about. Baby Signs®, the original sign language for infants, allows babies to communicate hunger, temperature preferences, and discomfort, among other signals, with ease. Baby Signs® has helped thousands of infants to reduce frustration and expand their emotional growth. Yours can too!
  • Playtime: Like our nursery, our toys and equipment meet the highest state and federal safety regulations. With our number-one priority—safety—covered, we can focus on strengthening hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, and visual tracking abilities in your little one.
  • Cuddling Rock-A-Bye-Babies: Physical contact promotes socio-emotional health in infants. We encourage rocking and cuddling to promote this development and reinforce the idea of support and love in your little bundle of joy.
  • Communications: Our infant program uses facial expressions, and repetition of words and sounds to help babies grow as they come into a new level of understanding with the world around them.

A Lifetime of Learning Begins in Infancy

Infancy is a crucial time for cognitive, physical, and emotional development. As babies learn to distinguish themselves from others, imitate others, and speak their first words, parents discover thousands of details to feel proud of. To assist you in witnessing these magical milestones, we send daily written reports and regular digital photographs. At The Peanut Gallery, our flexible schedule and high standards of safety create an ideal environment for infants to learn and grow. It is our hope that you agree, and allow us to join you in making the years of infancy cheerful and safe for your child.