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Age Range:
4 – 5 years
Areas of Learning:

Computers & Technology

Reading Comprehension & Literacy

Language, Including Spanish

We Develop the Skills Children Need to Thrive in Kindergarten

You better believe it: kindergarten has changed since you attended it! About 200,000 kids don’t reach current kindergarten requirements and need to repeat this early grade.[1] One reason for this is that about two-thirds of kindergarten instructors today expect incoming students to have memorized the alphabet.[2] We know your child is bright enough to enter and pass through kindergarten with flying colors, and want to support him or her with a preliminary kindergarten education. Our pre-K program features lessons in problem solving, math, motor skill strengthening, vocabulary and literacy, and much more!

A Strong Pre-Kindergarten Education Leads to Future Academic Success

Educational research has revealed the having a pre-K education could be a determining factor in success throughout grade school and high school for many students. Some studies have shown that higher math and reading scores, high school graduation rates, professional achievements, and even income is linked to students’ prekindergarten education.[3] At The Peanut Gallery, we break the tenets of success down into three categories: physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional, to promote achievement in our programs.

  • Physical: In the mind of a four-year-old, physical fitness translates to…playtime! Our experienced staff will support, supervise, encourage, and ensure the safety of your child as he or she learns to climb ladders, draw, paint, and discover new and exciting physical games at our indoor and outdoor facilities, which meet the highest state and federal safety regulations.
  • Cognitive: 18…19…20! These numbers may seem insignificant, but to many four- and five-year-olds, they represent the achievement of an important goal: learning to count to 20! Our program also teaches children how to read simple books and explore new words and their meanings, among other cognitive activities that include math and basic science skills.
  • Socio-Emotional: Our Pre-K program prepares many youngsters for the joys of developing friendships in kindergarten. The best way to promote this? Learn to make friends now! Our collaborative lessons and safe, predictable environment allows children to relax and grow socially with their peers. Our daycare professionals also serve as appropriate role models for how to engage with others.

Our Pre-K Program Focuses On:

  • Covering the Essential Bases: Our curriculum strengthens students’ proficiency in math, science, physical education, social studies, and literacy to prepare them to rise to the top of the class in kindergarten.
  • Technology: Technology has transformed traditional education. We now live in an information-rich world. The caveat, however, is that many children use technology to their intellectual detriment or to absorb unhelpful information. By integrating educational computer programs, including the Smart Board, a touch-screen white board that is becoming available at many of our centers, your child can form productive associations with technology.
  • Reading and Writing: Our child care professionals instruct students in phonological and print recognition through storytelling as well as through active writing and word pronunciation activities. We also make use of a Pre-K Word Wall, where students can practice their fine-motor writing skills.
  • Vocabulary and Language: Studies have shown that an effective way to accelerate reading, writing and communication skills in four- and five-year-olds is to use fun group lessons.[4] With daily vocab lessons and proper sentence practice, your child will excel at and come to love English!
  • Spanish Studies: The Peanut Gallery maintains that a rich life experience includes a rich cultural experience. Our pre-K curriculum promotes linguistic and personal growth by introducing students to weather forecasting, make-believe games, and cooking lessons in Spanish, the second most-common language in America and the world.[5]
  • Fitness and Health Habits: Our friendly and experienced staff teaches healthy food preparation and physical fitness habits to all of our students as a way of preparing them for successful lives. After all, many studies have indicated that learning good health and fitness habits at a young age can drastically increase the likelihood that an individual will be healthy later in life.[6]

The Pre-K Education Experience

An unparalleled Pre-K education begins with a researched-based plan, capitalizes on low child-to-instructor ratios, and depends on an experienced and supportive team. With these three bases covered, the only step left is to enroll your child so we can help him or her thrive in kindergarten and beyond!