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Age Range:
3 – 4 years
Areas of Learning:


English and Spanish

Computers & Technology

Your Child Deserves a Strong Educational Foundation

Research has revealed that by age five, 90 percent of the brain has already developed.[1] At The Peanut Gallery, we instill effective habits and good attitudes towards learning in our young pupils because quality preschool programs have been statistically linked to reductions in delinquent behavior and grade repetition, as well as higher test scores.[2] Our preschool program specializes in three categories—physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development—to support this aim.

  • Physical: Three- and four-year-olds learn to mold clay, ride tricycles, and jump in place while attending preschool. We applaud them for their growth! Our daycare professionals also provide learning activities that include gardening, storytelling activities, and puppet play.
  • Cognitive: Most parents have no idea that their three-year-old son or daughter has twice as many neural connections—known as synapses—than they do.[3] Who would have guessed? Researchers, for one. They proved that this excess of connections instigates a learning growth spurt that lasts until adolescence. The caveat is: the synapses that don’t receive stimulation through invigorating learning experiences degenerate and cannot be regenerated later. The Peanut Gallery Preschool provides a mixture of lessons in literacy, math, social studies, and science to get kids excited about learning and prepare their brains for years of active learning ahead.
  • Socio-Emotional: Three- and four-year-olds have begun talking and forming interpersonal relationships with their caregivers and those around them. The social experiences a child undergoes at this time have a crucial impact on his or her future, so we do our best to keep interactions positive and fun. Our child care professionals emphasize speech games, lessons on sharing toys, empathizing as a means of forming emotional bonds, and communicating emotions effectively.

What You Can Expect Your Child to Learn at The Peanut Gallery

  • Literacy Skills: Numerous studies have confirmed what educators have known for decades: reading aloud to children improves their vocabularies, brightens their imaginations, and helps them to form solid literary skills before they learn to read.[4]  Our daycare professionals use books while teaching lessons in science, cooking, and math in order to reinforce positive associations with reading.
  • Future Masters of Technology: The age of technology has revolutionized education, making it much easier for visual learners to absorb information. Too much technological immersion too soon, however, can be detrimental to a child’s development.[5] The Peanut Gallery introduces preschoolers to education-based technology, such as the Smart Board, a touch screen whiteboard, in order to train children to use technological devices as educational tools.
  • Bilingual Studies: Research has shown that the best time for a person to adopt a second language occurs at ages three and four.[6] The instructors at The Peanut Gallery weave Spanish lessons into the day-to-day curriculum to teach your child how to describe animals, food, clothing, and weather, as well as how to greet others, in Spanish.
  • Fun with Fitness: Our indoor and outdoor facilities feature safe areas for children to run, play, jump, and develop their fine and gross motor skills while under supervision. We always say that strong bodies support strong minds!

We Keep You Closely Connected to Your Child’s Education

In addition to incorporating research-based lessons and activities and a safe learning environment, the daycare experts at The Peanut Gallery will help you to define and reach educational goals for your child. We look forward to sharing regular progress reports with you during weekly parent-teacher meetings to keep your child engaged during his or her time in preschool.