Summer Camp

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Summer Camp

Age Range:
Kindergarten – 12 years
Areas of Learning:

Nature and Discovery

Science Exploration

Exercise and Physical Education

Social Skill Development

Summer Camp Maintains Mental Muscles

For decades, educators have known that summer vacation creates a regression in skills and knowledge for many students. There is a flip side to this research, however. Statistically speaking, students who attend summer camp have better academic records than those who spend the golden summer months daydreaming and playing full-time.[1] Other research has shown that summer camp can act as a determining factor to predict the likelihood of high school graduation and college attendance.[2] By using this and other research to create our programs, we arm our young attendees with the tools they need to expand their academic potential and lead well-educated, meaningful lives.

Ways We Have a Blast Every Summer.

Health Awareness: Our experienced summer camp staff members provide healthy meals and snacks, and teach hands-on food-prep and cooking lessons. They also teach the importance of healthy eating habits so that your child stays sharp, grows strong bones, and maintains a healthy weight.

Fun-Filled Field Trips: Who wants to see a lion? Explore an art museum? Does anyone want to have an adventure at an aquarium? By taking children on field trip adventures, we inspire their imaginations and activate their learning faculties. At The Peanut Gallery, we know that picture books can only go so far. Sometimes, the best way to learn is to get out there and experience the lesson.

Outdoors, Ahoy!: With entertainment and devices readily available, many children waste their free time and summer months stagnating indoors. Our summer camp staff makes the most of the bright summer weather by taking kids on regular “mini” field trips to play sports and outdoor games, enjoy picnics, and experience other activities—such as bird watching—under close supervision.

Community Involvement: By taking day campers to visit local parks, monuments, and attractions, we help them to form a more complete concept of what it means to be part of a macro-community. Our program also emphasizes group activities and friendship building, so they can learn about the responsibilities inherit in micro-communities, such as the one at The Peanut Gallery.

Flexible Schedules and Extended Pick-Up and Drop-Off Times: Many parents work full-time during the summer, and some work overtime. We understand this, which is why we offer flexible drop-off and pick-up times as well as extended camp hours for anyone who requires it.

The Best Way to Learn Is to Explore!

It is our experience that the opportunity to learn something new delights all children. Often, resistance arises in education because lessons are framed as dull, repetitive, or hard to comprehend.[3] We believe that young minds hunger for new knowledge and experience, which is why our program also promotes learning in the areas of math, science, and literacy. We incorporate lessons and principles from the academic year to provide both an exciting and educational summer experience for kids before the next grade!