Toddler Care

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Toddler Care

Age Range:
1 – 2 years
Areas of Learning:

Social Skills

Baby Signs®

Developing Creative Potential

Fun and Safe Learning for Toddlers

By basing program features on scientific research and studies, The Peanut Gallery has created a hyper-effective form of daycare for toddlers. For instance, did you know that during the toddler years, trillions of connections—known as synapses—form between your child’s neurons and dendrites? Research has shown us that if a child lacks a stimulating environment, many synapses will fail to connect and not regenerate in the future.[1] To stimulate physical, cognitive, and emotional growth, The Peanut Gallery has created programs infused with art, music, reading and outdoor play, as well as an array of other exciting activities.

  • Physical Play: One-year-old children eagerly anticipate the joys of standing, walking, and mirroring others so they may further explore their environment. Our daycare professionals assist and guide toddlers, whose bodies sometimes stumble and bumble behind their ambitious desires, in physical play, dance, and other activities. The result? Increased confidence, motor skill development, and love of learning.
  • Climbing the Cognitive Incline: Studies have shown that one of the most vital considerations when raising a toddler is providing a variety of mentally stimulating experiences and achievable challenges.[2] Our experienced staff lead toddlers in naming games, hiding and finding items, and having fun with picture books to help them climb their personal cognitive incline.
  • Emotional Evolution: One- and two-year-old toddlers get a thrill out of seeing new faces as well as deepening social relationships with those they come into regular contact with. Our program incorporates finger puppet play, storytelling, group songs, and other socio-emotional activities that develop tongue and mouth muscle acuity and improve communication skills.

The Peanut Gallery Toddler Program Provides Many Keys To Learning, Including:

  • Speaking and Listening: Research has shown us that a simple and dynamic approach to creating a healthy brain involves exposure to active, attentive conversations.[3] Not only do purposeful conversations improve communication skills and parent-child relationships, but they also improve reading comprehension skills. What a bonus!
  • Baby Signs®: All of our child care professionals at The Peanut Gallery have received training in Baby Signs®, the original sign language curriculum for infants and toddlers. This communication toolbox assists toddlers who have yet to master specific words for communicating desires, emotions, and needs, and has been proven to reduce frustration in many little ones.
  • Potty Training Time!: Potty training can be a challenge, especially when it is taught at home but not reinforced at school. At The Peanut Gallery, we maintain that extra support can only help smooth the learning process and increase confidence in toddlers, and so we do our best to carry on the training torch for Mom and Dad.

The Peanut Gallery Is Here For Your Little One

In order to set children up for maximum growth throughout academia and life, we have based our programs on scientific research and designed them with over 20 years of experience in mind. It is our mission to give your toddler the support he or she needs to have a successful and brilliant future.